Picnic Dinner from the Rondi/Daniel’s

If you’ve ever eaten a meal prepared by the Rondi/Daniel’s, you know it’s a delicious treat! And you can get your very own picinic dinner, including bbq, sides and your choice of dessert (cake, pie or cookies)

Play Date with Paige & Brady

Enjoy an exciting play date with the two gorgeous and adorable children of Emily and Brian. Paige and Brady will provide high energy, addicting giggles, and lots of fun for you and kids! This is a not miss opportunity!

Bike Ride with Brian

Schedule a 20 mile+ bike ride with former NCAA and Professional Football Star, the one and only, Brian Daniels. He won’t take it easy, so be prepared for the ride of your life.

Lunch with Emily

Get on Emily’s in-demand calendar for lunch! You pick the spot; she’ll provide the riveting conversation, exceptional company, and spot-on dining reviews!

Ratio Beerworks Gift Pack

With a state of the art 20 barrel system, Ratio Beerwoorks, a Denver microbrewery, has more than enough beer to go around. And the taproom will be as eclectic as the community that it’s built to support. The scene at Ratio is all about beer, but their art and music...